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Sports Team Insurance                             

There are several reasons to obtain insurance for your team, league or organization. The main reason people purchase insurance is because the city park, school or field you use will require a certificate of insurance naming them as an additional insured. While it may seem like a frustrating process. Why wouldn’t a city park want its residents to enjoy the amenities. The fact is, they do, but at the same time, the last thing they need or want is to have any additional risk or exposure. The easiest way for them to avoid that is to require your team, league or organization to furnish insurance. Usually they require a $1,000,000 general liability policy naming them as additional insured. This insurance will protect them for any property damage you may cause to their facility or any bodily injury caused to another patron of the park. By transferring the liability exposure to you and your organization the city or school can rest a bit easier.

In addition to the needs of the venue you are using, most teams, league and organizations are created out of a passion for the sport, not necessarily a financial gain. Whether it is a group of friends joining a basketball, soccer, or softball league, or a more structured league sport like AYSO, Little league, etc. These teams and leagues are usually championed by a passionate local individual or individuals who just want to see people enjoy the sport. Unfortunately with this passion comes an exposure that most volunteers don’t realize they sign on for. Accidents and injuries can turn a goois designed to day into a bad one in a matter of moments. Whether it is a young batter throwing his/her bat after a hit and the batter striking the individual on deck or a player over running the goal into a spectator. There are any number of things that can cause an individual or their family to file a claim against you, your organization or team. How can you protect yourself? While you can’t stop someone from filing a claim, what you can do is be prepared for that event, just as you would carry homeowner’s insurance or auto insurance.*


Sports Camps and Clinics Insurance             

This program has been designed for U.S.-based teams, leagues, clubs and associations conducting youth or adult amateur sports activities. Coverage provided under this program includes important liability protection for the organization, including its employees and volunteers, for liability claims arising out of its operations.

For eligible sports and age groups reported, covered operations consist of your scheduled, sanctioned, approved, organized and supervised practices, try-outs, clinics, games, play-offs and tournaments in which you participate. In addition, coverage is provided for your concession stand operations, parades in which you participate, picnics, award banquets and ceremonies and incidental fund-raising activities involving the sale of products, coupons, raffle tickets and services, such as; car washes, bake sales and coin drops.*


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Sports Tournaments or Event Insurance                     

This program has been designed to provide coverage on a short-term basis for an amateur sports tournament or event.  program has been designed for youth or adult amateur sports activities and gives you several options as far as liability limits, with premiums starting as low as $300.00. Coverage provided includes important liability protection for the organization, including its employees and volunteers. Optional coverage for host tournament is also available for a nominal fee.  Abuse and molestation coverage is also offered as an option for $500.00, with defense limits up to $100,000. Liability coverage is included for U.S. Based organizations and includes ancillary activities (banquets, concerts, awards, ceremonies)that are for those participants in your sports tournament or event. Accident Injury Plans are available to all Amateur Sport Organizations for both Youth and Adult Groups. Accident Medical Protection is often purchased to fill in the gaps of Liability coverage and deter Liability claims. When Medical bills are paid, without any out-of-pocket expense to the insured, the risk of Lawsuits is greatly reduced.  Both Primary and Excess Plans are available with various Deductible Options to all participants for accidental injuries sustained during all supervised and sponsored activities, games and practice sessions, including travel to and from.*

Multiple team and league discounts are available. 

Accident Injury Plans are available to all Amateur Sport Organizations for both Youth and Adult Groups.

Accident Medical Protection is often purchased to fill in the gaps of Liability coverage and deter Liability claims. When Medical bills are paid, without any out-of-pocket expense to the insured, the risk of Lawsuits is greatly reduced. 

Both Primary and Excess Plans are available with various Deductible Options to all participants for accidental injuries sustained during all supervised and sponsored activities, games and practice sessions, including travel to and from.

Multiple team and league discounts are available.

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Scuba DivingScuba Diving


Soccer (age 19 & under) Soccer (age 19 & under)

Strength & conditioning CampsStrength & conditioning Camps


Sports Leagues InsuranceSports Leagues Insurance
Sports leagues insurance adds an extra layer of protection to the individuals responsible for coaching and working.


Drill Team CampsDrill Team Camps

Sky DivingSky Diving

Modern PentathlonModern Pentathlon

Polo (horse)Polo (horse)

Sky SurfingSky Surfing



Sled Dog RacingSled Dog Racing

Roller DerbyRoller Derby

Mountain BoardingMountain Boarding



Roller hockey (inline) Roller hockey (inline)

Physical FitnessPhysical Fitness

Roller SkatingRoller Skating

Roller Hockey (quad)Roller Hockey (quad)

Soap Box DerbySoap Box Derby


Speed SkatingSpeed Skating

Physique / Pose (Performance) Physique / Pose (Performance)



Wrestling (age 20 & over) Wrestling (age 20 & over)

Sports ParachutingSports Parachuting



Ice Hockey Ice Hockey

Street HockeyStreet Hockey

Baseball / T-ballBaseball / T-ball


Scooter HockeyScooter Hockey

Diving Diving

Soccer (age 20 & over) Soccer (age 20 & over)

Running (5k or 10K)Running (5k or 10K)

Skiing (Downhill) Skiing (Downhill)

Snow Boarding / Snow SurfingSnow Boarding / Snow Surfing

Surfing (including Boogie Boards)Surfing (including Boogie Boards)


Rope SkippingRope Skipping


Water Polo (age 20 & over) Water Polo (age 20 & over)

Tae Kwon DoTae Kwon Do



Youth WeightliftingYouth Weightlifting



Tackle football (age 19 & under) Tackle football (age 19 & under)

Tire and Wheel Insurance ProtectionTire and Wheel Insurance Protection

Martial Arts Schools & ProgramsMartial Arts Schools & Programs

Water Polo (age 19 & under) Water Polo (age 19 & under)

Adult Water Hockey Adult Water Hockey

Team Handball Team Handball

Wake BoardingWake Boarding

Youth Power LiftingYouth Power Lifting

Wrestling (age 19 & under)Wrestling (age 19 & under)

Track and Field Track and Field

Adventure RacesAdventure Races

Track & Field - Excld Javelin / Hammer ThrowTrack & Field - Excld Javelin / Hammer Throw


Bandy Bandy

Ultimate FrisbeeUltimate Frisbee

Amateur Sports InsuranceAmateur Sports Insurance
Amateur sports insurance is designed to offer the broadest protection against insurance claims by third party injuries. Our team is actively searching through insurance products to create a solid insurance program specifically designed for amateur sports teams and leagues.


Umpire / Referees Associations Umpire / Referees Associations

Bowling Instructor InsuranceBowling Instructor Insurance

Football Instructor InsuranceFootball Instructor Insurance

Baseball Instructor InsuranceBaseball Instructor Insurance
Baseball instructor insurance is designed to protect you while acting as a sports coach or trainer. We have created our insurance policies to protect you as an individual or a corporation and offer a customized insurance approach to your unique needs.

Volleyball Instructor InsuranceVolleyball Instructor Insurance

Baton Twirling Instructor InsuranceBaton Twirling Instructor Insurance

Basketball Instructor InsuranceBasketball Instructor Insurance
Buy Basketball Instructor Insurance at! Specializing in all sports instructor insurance policies, we will give you a free, no-obligation quote for your coaches insurance needs. Our instructor insurance covers you, giving you piece of mind, as well as your team!

Cheerleading Instructor InsuranceCheerleading Instructor Insurance

Cross Country Instructor InsuranceCross Country Instructor Insurance

Fencing Instructor InsuranceFencing Instructor Insurance

Golf Instructor InsuranceGolf Instructor Insurance

Figure Skating Instructor InsuranceFigure Skating Instructor Insurance

Cheerleading (age 19 & under)Cheerleading (age 19 & under)

Hockey Instructor InsuranceHockey Instructor Insurance

Racquetball Instructor InsuranceRacquetball Instructor Insurance

Road Running Instructor InsuranceRoad Running Instructor Insurance


Track & Field Instructor InsuranceTrack & Field Instructor Insurance

Tumbling Instructor InsuranceTumbling Instructor Insurance
Tumbling Insurance: Floor coverage only. No gymnastics apparatus coverage.


Water SkiWater Ski

Soccer Instructor InsuranceSoccer Instructor Insurance
Insurance coverage specifically designed to protect Soccer coaches from liability claims made against them.

Softball Instructor InsuranceSoftball Instructor Insurance

Swimming Instructor InsuranceSwimming Instructor Insurance

Tennis Instructor InsuranceTennis Instructor Insurance

Table Tennis Instructor InsuranceTable Tennis Instructor Insurance

Wrestling Instructor InsuranceWrestling Instructor Insurance


Soccer CampsSoccer Camps

Softball CampsSoftball Camps

Wiffle BallWiffle Ball

BMX Stunt Cycling BMX Stunt Cycling

Cheerleading - Adult Cheerleading - Adult

Wrestling (Professional )  Wrestling (Professional )


Wind SurfingWind Surfing


Body BoardingBody Boarding

Body Building Body Building


Wrestling (Roman/Greco) Wrestling (Roman/Greco)




Youth Water HockeyYouth Water Hockey

Disabled SportsDisabled Sports

Deck / Floor / Street HockeyDeck / Floor / Street Hockey

Lacrosse Instructor InsuranceLacrosse Instructor Insurance

Dodgeball Dodgeball

Baseball CampsBaseball Camps

Floor HockeyFloor Hockey


Drill Team (age 19 & under)Drill Team (age 19 & under)

Basketball CampsBasketball Camps

Luge (street) Luge (street)

Cheerleading CampsCheerleading Camps

Box Lacrosse Box Lacrosse


Flag or Touch Football CampsFlag or Touch Football Camps

Flag / Touch FootballFlag / Touch Football

Lacrosse CampsLacrosse Camps

Marathon Marathon

Kite SurfingKite Surfing

Frisbee & Frisbee GolfFrisbee & Frisbee Golf


Swimming CampsSwimming Camps



Jai Alai  Jai Alai


Tackle or Contact Football CampsTackle or Contact Football Camps



Lawn BowlsLawn Bowls

Volleyball CampsVolleyball Camps

Baton twirlingBaton twirling

Inline Skating (speed)Inline Skating (speed)

Lacrosse (age 20 & over) Lacrosse (age 20 & over)


Kickball Kickball

Lacrosse (age 19 & under)Lacrosse (age 19 & under)

Gymnastics CampsGymnastics Camps

Adult Powerlifting Adult Powerlifting

Adult WeightliftingAdult Weightlifting

American Rugby American Rugby

Arm WrestlingArm Wrestling

Badminton Badminton


Motor Skills Development Motor Skills Development


Bocce BallBocce Ball

Cross Country SkiCross Country Ski


Mountain BikingMountain Biking



Drill Team / Majorette - AdultDrill Team / Majorette - Adult


Field HockeyField Hockey

Fishing (On Shore - Open Water) Fishing (On Shore - Open Water)

Gymnastics - Artistic  Gymnastics - Artistic

Hammer ThrowHammer Throw


Sports Camps and Clinics InsuranceSports Camps and Clinics Insurance
Sports camps and clinics insurance offers the protection you need while instructing students in a daily or regularly scheduled series of classes or clinics. Working with children and young adults can be quite rewarding, at the same time it can create greater personal liability exposures for you.

Handball Handball

Hang GlidingHang Gliding




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