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Vacant Dwelling Insurance

Vacant Dwellings Insurance

In the last few years you have seen a unique turn of events in the housing market.  Values have plummeted, millions of homes have gone back to the lenders and homeowners living the American dream have given up and become renters. These extraordinary circumstances have also created an incredible opportunity for initials with money to purchase these houses at amazingly discounted prices. Unfortunately, most of these discounted prices include houses that need to be remodeled significantly or are waiting to find the appropriate tenant and ultimately mean these properties may remain vacant for an extended period of time.   Paying cash or investing a lot more money down on tense properties also makes it even more important to protect these dwellings with a vacant dwelling insurance policy.  A standard homeowners policy will limit your coverage if a dwelling or home is left vacant or unoccupied for over 30 days.  After 60  days coverage may be discontinued all together.

We understand your needs as a landlord and embrace the opportunity to offer you a vacant dwelling insurance policy.


Unfortunately, vacant homes are at much greater risk of vandalism, fire, and water damage losses. For this reason, owners are faced with a double whammy…reduction in coverage, and higher premiums related to Vacant Dwelling insurance.  As a nationally licensed insurance agency we are capable of  providing insurance coverage for your vacant home, whether it is a single family residence, duplex, or apartment building almost anywhere in the U.S. our policy is specifically designed  for your  vacant dwellings, rental dwellings, and second/seasonal homes. 

Our insurance coverage is competitive and broad.


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