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Fitness Insurance

 We provide fitness professionals and their facilities coverage such as:

  • Professional liability insurance         
  • Liability                                         
  • Property           
  • Workers compensation                                                            
  • Umbrella protection

  We help fitness professionals find the best insurance products to cover their facilities and themselves:

  • Fitness Instructor Insurance                                                   
  • Sports Instructor Insurance
  • Dance Instructor Insurance                                                      
  • Martial Arts Instructor Insurance
  • Personal training Studios
  • Health Clubs
  • Gymnastic Schools
  • Dance Schools
  • Martial Arts Studios

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Personal Training Studio InsurancePersonal Training Studio Insurance
Personal training studio insurance is designed to offer you full service protection for all your property and liability insurance needs. Our policies offer protection for your facility which may include property, liability and workers companesation insurance.


Sports Instructors InsuranceSports Instructors Insurance
Sports instructors insurance plays an important part in protecting your business. Whether you work one on one with individuals your run a full service team of sports instructors our general and professional liability insurance programs offer you the protection you deserve.

Fitness Instructor InsuranceFitness Instructor Insurance
Fitness instructor insurance protects you from third party liability claims, while providing instruction and training. Our team has been providing great insurance products and service to the fitness industry since 1998.

Health Club Trainers InsuranceHealth Club Trainers Insurance
Health club trainers insurance protects you while training and offering instruction to individuals, groups and boot camps. Our policies allow you additional insured certificates for your employers at no additional charge.

Hoop FitnessHoop Fitness

Health Club InsuranceHealth Club Insurance
Health club insurance is not just like any other insurance policy, it is unique to the fitness and wellness community. Our policies offer insurance protection against claims made while training individuals at or away from a facility you lease, own or occupy.

Paddle BoardingPaddle Boarding

Contemporary Dance InstructorContemporary Dance Instructor

Ballroom Dancing Instructor Ballroom Dancing Instructor

Dance Studio InsuranceDance Studio Insurance
Dance studio insurance is designed to offer a full service insurance solution for all your property and liability insurance needs. Whether you own or lease the building you occupy, our insurance program can offer protection against liability and property insurance claims.

Cardio KickboxingCardio Kickboxing


Web Based Personal Trainer InsuranceWeb Based Personal Trainer Insurance
Web based personal trainer insurance includes coverage for trainers and instructors to teach via the internet. We know as personal trainers and instructors you are in constant contact with your clients so we are regularly working with insurers to enhance your ability to assist your clients.

Country Western Dance InstructorCountry Western Dance Instructor




Cultural/Ethnic Dance InstructorCultural/Ethnic Dance Instructor

Childrens Fitness ProgramsChildrens Fitness Programs

Personal Trainer InsurancePersonal Trainer Insurance
Personal trainer insurance protects you from third party liability claims, while providing instruction and training. Our team of insurance professionals has been offering insurance products to the fitness and wellness community since 1998.

Hawaiian Dance InstructorHawaiian Dance Instructor

Fitness Boot campFitness Boot camp

Stroller-Based Fitness ProgramsStroller-Based Fitness Programs
Stroller-Based Fitness Programs

Irish Dance InstructorIrish Dance Instructor

Clogging InstructorClogging Instructor

Modern Dance InstructorModern Dance Instructor

Tai ChiTai Chi

Scottish Dance InstructorScottish Dance Instructor

Ballet InstructorBallet Instructor

Belly Dancing InstructorBelly Dancing Instructor

Latin Dance InstructorLatin Dance Instructor

Dance Instructor InsuranceDance Instructor Insurance
Dance instructor insurance is designed to protect you personally for claims made against you for bodily injury or property damage, while teaching dance. Our insurance protection protects you at any location you are teaching or instructing dance class.

Jazz Dance InstructorJazz Dance Instructor

Salsa Dance InstructorSalsa Dance Instructor

Flamenco InstructorFlamenco Instructor

Hip Hop Dance InstructorHip Hop Dance Instructor

Folk Dancing InstructorFolk Dancing Instructor

Swing Dance InstructorSwing Dance Instructor

Zumba Dance InstructorZumba Dance Instructor

Square Dance InstructorSquare Dance Instructor

Pole Fitness InstructorPole Fitness Instructor
Pole Fitness Instructor

Tango Dance InstructorTango Dance Instructor

Tap Dance InstructorTap Dance Instructor



Aquatic ExerciseAquatic Exercise

Martial Arts InsuranceMartial Arts Insurance
Martial arts insurance is offererd to schools and studios who provide a safe, controlled environment to instruct students in the art of martial arts. Our insurance policies are fully automated so you can make changes online or contact us to obtain insurance certificates for your clients.

Massage Therapist InsuranceMassage Therapist Insurance
Massage therapist insurance provides piece of mind insurance protection against claims made by your clients. we are pleased to offer the Massage therapists policy through the national Association of Massage Therapists.

Gymnastics InsuranceGymnastics Insurance
Gymnastics insurance is designed to protect you against third party bodily injury and property damage claims while teaching or instructing students at a gymnastic facility who rent own or occupy. is the fastest way to get covered for specialized insurance. Get covered from the comfort of your home: fill out the form, enter your information and get a policy.

Our experienced professionals are ready to answer your questions and get your policy issued quickly.

We have activlely specialized in the sports, leisure and special event space for over 10 years.

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