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Health Club Trainers Insurance


Turning your passion into your profession creates opportunities and unfortunately also challenges.  The same injuries and pitfalls you faced learning your trade are the same issues that can appear and ultimately affect your business.  Being found liable or even having someone question your ability to instruct can be taken quite personally.  Fortunately our insurance protection is designed to protect you, the instructor when such claims are made.

Specifically designed to meet the unique needs of a U.S. based fitness instructor who works on an independent contract basis and is directly supervising an individual or small group instruction of sport-related skills. Coverage is intended for teaching activities that take place at locations that are not owned by the instructor.

Policy holders will be protected against bodily injury and property damage claims that arise from their operations, premises, products, completed operations, advertising or participant injuries. You will also maintain professional and legal liability protection as part of this coverage.   Our policies offer protection for one or two years.

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We have activlely specialized in the sports, leisure and special event space for over 10 years.

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