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Vendor Insurance and Seller Insurance:

Whether you own a hot dog cart or sell leather goods at a Kiosk, liability issues can be the cause of great pain if you are not well protected.

In most cases the public entity, mall, store, festival or fair you are at will require you to carry liability insurance. 

You may be required to namea facility or venue as an additional insured.  Our insurance policies will name a third party as additional insured with no additional premium.  Let’s face it, even if you are not required to carry insurance, your business is your living, it is who you are, it is how you will put your kids through college. 

Our program is designed for small businesses that sell, display, demonstrate or promote their products or services on a short term basis at special events, malls, shopping centers, grocery stores, tradeshows, festivals, and fairs at a remote location that are away from owned or long term leased premises.  Specialty liability insurance for exhibitors and Vendors can provide important liability protection for you and your business while promoting, demonstrating and selling your products and services. It can help protect you from the liability claims resulting from unexpected incidents that could occur from your operations.

Your business will be protected against bodily injury and property damage claims that may arise from operations, premises, products, completed operations, advertising or personal injuries. Products and completed operations coverage includes all bodily injury and property damage to a third party that occurs after your product or work leaves your possession.

You may purchase our insurance online, however, if you need assistance please contact us at 888-588-9413.

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Micro-Reality Race TracksMicro-Reality Race Tracks

Souvenir SalesSouvenir Sales

Product DemonstrationsProduct Demonstrations

Identity Theft InsuranceIdentity Theft Insurance
Identity theft in 2010 caused an average cost of $631 and 33 hours of time for a consumer to fix their problem. Our Identity theft insurance is designed to assist in both your lost expense and and time you spend fixing the problem.

Motorized Equipment - Static DisplayMotorized Equipment - Static Display

Sports & Camping EquipmentSports & Camping Equipment

Toys Toys
Toys (for ages 5 and over)

Home Based Wedding Vendors Home Based Wedding Vendors
Home Based Wedding Vendors (caterers, DJs, florists, ice sculptors, decorators, photographers/videographers-single event option only)

Caterer Caterer
Caterer (single event option only)

Lawn & Garden Equipment or Hardware SalesLawn & Garden Equipment or Hardware Sales

Kitchen or Cookware Accessories or AppliancesKitchen or Cookware Accessories or Appliances

Literature DistributionLiterature Distribution

Game Trailers or BoothsGame Trailers or Booths


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Vehicle/Boat Display - static only

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Antique & Collectible Vendors Antique & Collectible Vendors

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Auto/vehicle accessories (non-mechanical)

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Cleaning Accessories & Products (commercially manufactured)

Exercise EquipmentExercise Equipment


Health & Beauty ProductsHealth & Beauty Products
Health & Beauty Products (commercially manufactured)

Food & Drink ConcessionairesFood & Drink Concessionaires

Exhibitor & Vendor InsuranceExhibitor & Vendor Insurance
Exhibitor & vendor insurance protect individuals and their businesses while promoting and selling their products at special events and tradeshows. Our vendor insurance policies will protect you on a single day event policy or on an annual basis for your tradeshow or series of events.

Concessionaires InsuranceConcessionaires Insurance
Concessionaires insurance is designed for long and short term food and product kiosk and cart operators. Whether you are driving around the city or actively selling food at a permanent concession our insurance provides the protection you need. is the fastest way to get covered for specialized insurance. Get covered from the comfort of your home: fill out the form, enter your information and get a policy.

Our experienced professionals are ready to answer your questions and get your policy issued quickly.

We have activlely specialized in the sports, leisure and special event space for over 10 years.

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