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The team at is excited to offer this unique iPhone insurance protection through Worth Ave Group.  The iPhone has almost single handedly changed the way we communicate, do business and experience unique applications.  Unfortunately, the one thing that this new found freedom has exposed us to, is the limitless pit of expense we can incur while enjoying our iPhone.  Whether it is gaming applications, itunes, social media tools, or a simple restaurant guide, as consumers we are spending quite a bit of money.  That is why protecting your key investment is of the upmost importance. 

Our iPhone insurance protection is designed to pick those exposures a warranty does not.  Theft and accidental damage are the two most common issues you face with the ever growing popularity of the iPhone.  Our policies are designed to pay claims based on those exposures.  Below you will find the standard pricing for your phone.  in addition as a customer of ours, you will receive an extra 10% off, once you obtain a quote through our automated system.  

  • iPhone 3G (8GB or earlier model) $300  $55  
  • iPhone 3G (16GB) $350  $63  
  • iPhone 3GS (16GB) $400  $69  
  • iPhone 3GS (32GB) $500  $79  
  • iPhone 4 (16GB and 32 GB) $600  $89 

Our policies include the following protection:

Accidental Damage (includes drops & liquid spills)  
Cracked Screens  
Liquid Submersions
Low $50 deductible  
Fire, Flood  
Lightning Strikes, Natural Disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes & tornadoes)  
World Wide Coverage

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