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The iPad is a revolutionary tablet that allows its owners the freedom to read and store online books, movies, music, games and web content.  With a price point starting at around $499, iPad has becoming one of the fastest growing revolutionary products of our time. 

Once you purchase the iPad, the uses and functionality become more and more apparent.  Unfortunately, the more uses you find, the more portable and a part of your life your iPad becomes.  Protecting your investment, now becomes a front and center concern.  You have already spent all this money and for just a few more dollars, you can have the piece of mind to know with the proper insurance protection in place you will be able to replace your iPad if it gets damaged or stolen.  The team at Insurance Webstore has worked closely with the Worth Ave Group to create a unique insurance policy just for you. 

Using our large volume of clientele we have also been able to obtain a 10% discount exclusively for you as our client.

The policies offer protection against the following:

  • Accidental Damage (includes drops & liquid spills) 
  • Cracked Screens  
  • Liquid Submersions
  • Theft 
  • Vandalism
  • Fire, Flood
  • Lightning Strikes, Natural Disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes & tornadoes)
  • Low $50 deductible
  • World Wide Coverage  

Special Provisions

  • This policy does not offer coverage for any iTunes/mp3 files, applications, ringtones, pictures and/or other data installed on the ipad.
  • iPads in a personally owned automobile are covered, provided that the vehicle was locked at the time of theft and there was visible evidence of forced entry into the vehicle.

Our iPad insurance protection policy is designed for one iPad at a time, you will need to purchase a policy for each iPad, and you may do so directly through this website.  If you own a business and have several iPad's and would like a group pricing policy, please contact us with questions, directly at 888-544-9413. is the fastest way to get covered for specialized insurance. Get covered from the comfort of your home: fill out the form, enter your information and get a policy.

Our experienced professionals are ready to answer your questions and get your policy issued quickly.

We have activlely specialized in the sports, leisure and special event space for over 10 years.

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