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Network Security Insurance


Regardless of size, every company is faced with an ever growing problem of Network Security.  There are already plenty of hurdles in running you business, unfortunately one of the most prevalent and troublesome concerns for every company is protecting your clients, customers and employees information.  While Network Security insurance will not necessarily fix the problem, this unique coverage will protect you from losses associated with unauthorized access to or theft of your data or e-business activities, computer viruses, denial of service attacks, as well as alleged unauthorized e-commerce transactions.

Because this new digital world of network connectivity has significantly expanded your exposures both internally and externally.

What could happen?

• You may have Data system control problems.

• Denial of service losses and security breaches could all cause you to suffer significant revenue losses .

• Your company could suffer severe reputation repercussions

• losses by electronic theft or sabotage are not uncommon.

What if I protect my data?

Regardless of protection, a system or internet attack grows each day. In recent years cyber Terrorists have become more brazen and aggressive in their attacks on regular companies just because they can.  In fact the more protected you are, the more these terrorists are determined to break in.  In addition to the value of data to these criminals it is also the excitement of the challenge. When our countries largest institutions and companies are susceptible, ultimately every company should expect they are not unbreachable to a computer attack.

In most cases disgruntled employees or third party vendors are the major perpetrators of network sabotage. These internal attacks are usually personal.  As with any insurance policy, as a company you should have an active Network Security plan.  If you have a computer network you have an exposure and a duty to protect that information.

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